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"Atsushi Hilde" is the mother of Atsushi Ren

Appearance Edit

Hilde is considerably taller than her son. She possesses a youthful appearance, with long blonde hair usually worn down or in a ponytail, and the same green eyes as Ren. In her few appearances, she was seen wearing a turtleneck sweater.

At 13, Hilde apparently looked very similar to Ren and she make shim wear his hair long in order to complete the appearance.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Hilde's background other than she married and had a son, only for her husband to pass away at some point prior to the series.

Personality Edit

In The Boy Who Fell Edit

While she has not physically appeared in the comic, Hilde has been mentioned by Ren several times.

In Chapter 01 - Hell Kitchen, Ren apologizes to his mother as he falls, presumably to his death, that he will "be able to see Dad again before [she does]"[1].

In Chapter 11 - Dark, the thought of Hilde enables Ren to overcome his fear in the battle against Hond.

In Chapter 19 - Reunion, Lord Devil conjures an illusion of Hilde to cheer Ren on.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although she was seen from behind in Chapter 11 - Dark and as an illusion in Chapter 19 - Reunion, Hilde has not actually appeared in the comic thus far. However, she did notably appear in a special unofficial Mother's Day comic by the author[2]
  • According to the author[3]
    • Her favorite food is curry
    • Her hobbies are chess, reading, and boxing
    • She travels a lot due to her work
    • She is burdened by guilt
    • She secretly wants to see Ren in a dress
    • She wants Ren to marry someone who looks like his father
  • Her name, Hilde, suggests that she may not be of Japanese descent

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