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"Golgo" was a competitor in the Hell Tournament as a member of an unspecified team. When his teammate was killed in battle by Sorian Pafhelo, he was disqualified.


Golgo was a well muscled demon. His hairline was somewhat receded, but he wore it shoulder length. He wore a small open vest over an otherwise bare torso, and had a sling across his chest, presumably where he kept his sword.


Golgo stated that he had "prepared all [his life]"[1] for the tournament, implying that he may have been training since a young age, or had been a warrior in the past.


Not much can be known of Golgo's personality. He feels cheated for having worked his whole life only to have his chance at the wish taken prematurely from him, and his anger, as well as his killing aura, leads him to target Nero Pafhelo as a scapegoat. Whether he was a vengeful person or simply driven by frustration is unknown.

In The Boy Who FellEdit

Golgo is one of several competitors in the Hell Tournament who, presumably, faced Nero Pafhelo in the initial rounds in Moska and won by forfeit only to be disqualified when their partner was killed or severely injured in a match against Sorian Pafhelo. Angered by this turn of events, and possibly driven by his killing aura, Golgo joins the other competitors in a posse and ambushes Sorian and Nero in the Gondotha Spire Forest. A sudden spire growth, however, kills one of their number and separates the group, as well as both Pafhelos.

Later, Golgo and two other members of the posse encounter Nero and Quartz and once again attempt to kill the former, only to be ruthlessly eliminated by the rock demon.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Golgo had an unnamed team member who was defeated and possibly killed by Sorian Pafhelo.