This page contains information that may spoil unread webcomic content.

"Homas" was a competitor in Hell Tournament as a member of Team Senn.


Homas was a tall demon, standing several heads taller than Sorian Pafhelo. He appeared to be an older demon, with a receding hairline and sporting a goatee. He was also well muscled and wore stud earrings. Notably, he had both pointy ears and large, backwards horns, in spite of being a second-class demon, indicating that the horns may have been fakes worn as an accessory.

For clothing, he went bare-chested, with crossed-suspenders supporting his pants, and he bandaged his hands and forearms. In battle he used spiked knuckles.



Homas was something of a slimy character, perfectly willing to fight (and potentially kill) a child, as seen when he goes up against Sorian Pafhelo, even calling her "girlie"[1].

In The Boy Who FellEdit

Homas faces Sorian Pafhelo in the second wave of the second day of the Hell Tournament. His attack is easily stopped by Sorian, who calls him "demon trash" before quickly defeating him with a Sorian Neckbreaker. The attack is so effective that it is not immediately clear whether or not Homas has survived it, and Sorian is declared the winner. Homas' status is left unknown.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Homas was likely a capable fighter, having passed the entrance rounds in Moska to make it into the official tournament. It is unknown whether he possessed any special Seel abilities other than his physical attacks. Ultimately, neither his attack nor his defense proved to hold against Sorian the Ripper.


While the identity of the second member of Team Senn is unknown, it is possible that they were a member of the posse that ambushed Team Pafhelo (and later Nero Pafhelo in Chapter 25 - The Forest of Spires and Chapter 27 - Saffron and Quartz as vengeance for Sorian killing or maiming their teammates.