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"Snail Monsters" are a relatively weak kind of monster popular in monster fighting events, where the goal is not only to kill the monster, but to do so in the flashiest way possible. The unspoken "method" to successfully defeating the snail is to try to see how much the competitor can splatter its guts around the stadium and on the audience.

Snail monsters are typically humongous in size, being several hundred times larger than the average demon; this, however, makes them slow because they must drag their massive weight with crab leg-like appendages. While a good portion of their body is covered in hard shell, the slightest nerve damage to their exposed flesh is enough to render them incapacitated. In terms of attack, there is little they can do besides their acid spit, which, while mildly corrosive, is ultimately not very harmful.

Known Snail Monsters Edit

Shelly, the Death Bringer Edit


Shelly is a snail monster featured in the Aruna monster fight. According to Ibias, it was captured from the Heranzolan Jungle, weighing in at more than 50 tons, with "claws that can cut even the hardest of diamonds" and acid spit that can reach up to a mile (although he may be using announcer's hyperbole).

Shelly is brought out to fight Nero Pafhelo, surviving much longer than typical for its kind in the arena due to Nero's lack of ability (and much to the annoyance and impatience of the audience). The fight lasts for so long, event officials are called in to forcibly end the match; however, with the assistance of Ramia and the Hell Kitchen, Nero defeats Shelly with a salt blade, although his exact method is unknown. Shelly's resultant explosion gets wild cheers from the innard-spattered audience.

Moska City Snail Monster Edit


In the Moska City entrance rounds for the Hell Tournament, Nero faces another, unnamed snail monster. He defeats it using the same "exploding snail" trick he used on Shelly, prompting Sorian to ask him where learned it.