Character Infobox Edit

To create a character infobox, such as the one shown here,

type the following into the "Source Editor."

{{Character Infobox

|Name = <center></center>

|Image =

|Age =

|Alias(es) =

|Species =

|Seel Type =

|Status =

|Hair Color =

|Skin Color =

|Eye Color =

|Relationships =

|First Appears =

|Last Appears = 

|VO Voice Actor = |Affiliation = }}

Leaving a field blank will make it disappear in the given character infobox. URLs will not work for the "Image" field.

Credit for the character infobox code goes to Wikia user "Annabeth and Percy"

Spoiler Edit

This page contains information that may spoil unread webcomic content.

To create a "Spoiler" boc, such as the one shown here, type in (removing periods):


Credit for the Spoiler code belongs to the To Aru Majutsu no Index wiki. You can find the original code here: by clicking "Edit."